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VPOS Retail Point of Sale system has been designed to maximize data entry efficiency by minimizing the number of keystrokes required to enter a sales transaction, with many time-saving factors built into VPOS Retail Point of Sale.

VPOS Retail POS exclusively sells and installs computerized Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Control systems to retail stores. This includes the sale of all the necessary hardware and software components, as well as the setup, installation and initial training. Customization services are also available to give you a competitive advantage.
A new, advanced retail VPOS Retail Point of Sale system can streamline some of your most tedious tasks into simple operations based on a few clicks of the mouse. VPOS Retail Point of sales, once simple payment processing interfaces, has come a long way. Conducting a VPOS review of these new products reveals a staggering array of choices, and also a fantastic assortment of beneficial features.

From endless updates and wide scalability to simpler user interfaces and real-time data, these programs would seem to have it all. And, with these great features, they do offer a comprehensive tool for any business. Implementation of the right program will help you to streamline operations and improve many of your daily functions.

VPOS Retail Point of Sale have such a wide variety of uses, apparel stores, convenience, stores, and other specialty niches have used point-of-sale technology to their advantage. Not only are businesses made more efficient and profitable; customers have also share the benefits of VPOS Point of sale, at its core, is the action that happens at the time of a retail purchase. Items are scanned, cash and credit cards are used to pay for the purchase, and receipts are printed. All actions are accurately recorded by the VPOS , and the customer is on their merry way in as little time as 45 seconds.

The premise of retail VPOS is to help streamline your transaction and accounting processes. Inventory tracking is a snap, and automatically calculated. Employees can be monitored, theft is reduced, and customers are able to move through the store quicker.


  • Accurate tracking of quantities and items sold
  • Full barcode support
  • Multi functional POS system for retail shops
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use
  • Flexible Tenders
  • Reprint Receipts
  • Cashier Accountability
  • Sales Associate Performance
  • Sale Audit
  • Record Diary Entries
  • Hold/Recall bills
  • Check daily sales
  • Multi Plu capability
  • Recall & Reversal Receipt
  • Audit Tracking
  • Matrix ready
  • Unlimited Payment and Discount Mode
  • Customizable Receipt
  • Multi Level Price Group
  • Periodical Promotion
  • Member Discount and Reward program
  • Keep track of Promoter & Sales person
  • Instant stock update
  • 24 hours sales operation
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